Architects as project leaders: Part 1

To lead a project team it is not enough to be a good designer. Architects also need to demonstrate sophisticated management and motivational skills.

This course aims to build the skills and confidence required to lead successfully, confidently and enjoyably.

Who this course is for

This course is about supporting and encouraging architects and designers to be capable and confident members of the leadership groups within projects.

It is particularly aimed at project architects and designers who are in the front line, running and leading projects, managing their architectural resources, design teams, dealing with clients, contractors and diverse stakeholders – all while designing at the same time.

Course format

This course is run by Tom Taylor, one of the founding members of the highly influential 'designer-friendly' project management firm, Buro Four.

In this course, Tom will explore the working methodologies for successful project leadership, taking delegates through a step-by-step review of the role and responsibilities that are key to this position.

This course is run over two days. In keeping with the Colander philosophy, both days are intensely practical, using an interactive workshop style with working exercises, case studies, discussions and activities. A printed, bound set of courses notes will be given to each delegate.

Delegate numbers are limited in order to maintain the interactive quality of the training.

For delegates who have completed this course, we are delighted to offer a follow-up course 'Architects as Project Leaders: Part 2', which looks in more detail at some of the key issues that have been introduced in this course.

Course content

All in-house courses can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of individual practices, suggested topics include :

Day 1

  • The role of a project leader
  • Architectural appointments and Plans of Work
  • Assessing/allocating fees
  • Organising resources
  • Organising your own tasks and priorities
  • Structure of a design team
  • Leadership and management on projects
  • Understanding and managing clients
  • Getting useful briefs

Day 2

  • The overview - beyond your project
  • Budget assessments
  • Signing off techniques
  • Defining quality
  • Taking on, or picking up a new project
  • Problem solving
  • The practicalities of different locations
  • Completions and handovers
  • The profile of a project leader
  • Conclusions and observations


CPD Certificates are issued to all attendees.