Training and Coaching

We work exclusively with professionals who create the built environment, helping them develop skills and competencies that are not addressed in their formal training at schools of architecture and engineering. In doing this, we help individuals and teams realise their full potential.

On this page we talk about the in-house training that we offer, and our increasingly popular 1:1 coaching services, as well as our occasional public courses for small practices.

Online training :

The COVID-19 pandemic stopped any idea of delivering face-to-face training in its tracks. Almost all communications across our industry – including training – are now happening online. We know that when things get better, face-to-face training will make a comeback, and we will welcome it with open arms. However, there is no doubt that online training is also here to stay.

We believe that good leadership and clear communication skills remain as important as ever, and improving these skills cannot be put on hold. So, we have devised a number of online modules that enable us to share our knowledge and expertise online. The last year has taught us that the successful communication of ideas, knowledge and attitudes is very different when using online platforms. We want to retain the interactive and immersive quality of our face-to-face training, while fully utilising the opportunities that the online format presents.

As with all our training, each module can be tailored to the needs of your practice. To find out more, click on the topics listed below

For further details, please contact us:

Coaching :

Our coaching focuses on communication, management and leadership skills as well as getting the best from creative people. We work with Partners, Directors and senior staff, either individually or in small groups.

We have a number of different Associates who offer coaching in-person or online. Some of the themes we cover include:

  • Influencing with confidence and communicating with gravitas whether working face to face or remotely, by phone or video conferencing.
  • The ups and downs of leading an architectural business.
  • Inter-personal skills, behaviours and relationships, particularly with work colleagues and clients.
  • Thoughts, opinions and perspectives, particularly those that limit people’s ability to achieve either personal or professional goals.

Our most recent coaching themes can be found on our journal page under the following links:

Taking advantage of working from home

Making the most of working remotely

To find out more about coaching, please contact:

“I found the sessions with James massively helpful in understanding how to find an appropriate tone of voice for myself and the practice - to listen to what one is saying but also how one is saying it in a convincing and engaging way. James made it interesting and enjoyable, and it has really helped with the post-lockdown return to work for Square Feet”

— Daniel Leon, Square Feet Architects

Face-to-face training :

COVID-19 permitting, we are ready to start running face-to-face training sessions again!

Our face-to-face training is well respected and valued by architects, engineers and designers, as it addresses the specific issues of running creative businesses and influencing project design, from inception through to delivery on site.

Our generic course titles are listed below but we are always happy to develop - or re-jig - specific courses to give a slightly different emphasis. All our courses end up being tailored to each client's specific requirements.

Do contact us if you think we could help: We'd be delighted to tailor our expertise to suit your training needs.

Meantime, you might be interested to take a look at the Think Pieces in our Journal which explore some of the factors behind running a successful creative business.

“Over a number of years the Colander team has helped us with a range of training.  Colander's engagement with the architectural profession means the courses are both focused and relevant to our needs. Staff feedback is not only positive as a learning experience but they also seem to enjoy themselves too!"

— Jo Bacon, Partner, Allies + Morrison

"Colander has provided our practice with tailored training for our architectural staff which has been well received and beneficial to their personal development. The trainers are experienced and knowledgeable and deliver their training in an enjoyable format. We can definitely recommend Colander to other practices for their professional approach and delivery."

— Tony Barton, Chairman, Donald Insall Associates

Public course

In these COVID-19 restricted times our Public Courses are on hold.

These sessions are especially useful to practices that have only one or two people that they want to train, with the added bonus of giving delegates the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with other practitioners. So, we look forward to being able to offer these courses again in 2021 - governments, viruses and vaccines permitting!

Provided we have sufficient numbers, we can run most (although not all) of our in-house courses as public sessions; so, if there is any specific topic of training that interests you, please contact