Training Courses

We work exclusively with professionals who create the built environment, helping them develop skills and competencies that are not addressed in their formal training at schools of architecture and engineering.  In doing this, we help individuals and teams realise their full potential. 

On this page we talk about the in-house training and the public courses that we offer, as well as our coaching services.

In-house training :

Our in-house training is tailored to each client's specific requirements.  

The training topics that we are asked to address most regularly fall under the broad banner of communication and people skills: whether presentation training, leadership, dealing with clients or working more efficiently.  

Our generic course titles are listed below but we are always happy to develop - or re-jig - specific courses to give a slightly different emphasis.  

Do contact us if you think we could We'd be delighted to tailor our expertise to suit your training needs.

Meantime, you might be interested to take a look at the Think Pieces in our Journal which explore some of the factors behind running a successful creative business.

“Over a number of years the Colander team has helped us with a range of training.  Colander's engagement with the architectural profession means the courses are both focused and relevant to our needs. Staff feedback is not only positive as a learning experience but they also seem to enjoy themselves too!"

— Jo Bacon, Partner, Allies + Morrison

Public courses :

As well as tailored in-house courses, we run occasional Public courses, and Online courses.  These sessions are especially useful to practices that have only one or two people that they want to train, with the added bonus of giving delegates the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with other practitioners.  

Provided we have sufficient numbers, we can run most (although not all) of our in-house courses as public sessions; so, if there is any specific topic of training that interests you, please contact

Forthcoming sessions are listed below.  If you would like to attend or need more details, please contact

“Colander is probably unique in the construction industry as providers of excellent training, facilitation and plain common sense. If you want insightful, frank and practical business advice - talk to Colander.”

— Paul Mercer, Tangram

Coaching :

Our coaching focuses on communication, assertiveness, management and leadership skills as well as getting the best from creative people. We work with Partners, Directors and senior staff, either individually or in small groups to review :

  • Team-working and leadership.
  • Inter-personal skills, behaviours and relationships, particularly with work colleagues and clients.
  • Thoughts, opinions and perspectives; particularly those that limit people’s ability to achieve either personal or professional goals.

For coaching to be successful, there needs to be a rapport between the individual and the coach. We therefore suggest an initial exploratory session before embarking on any longer term commitment.

To find out more about coaching, please contact:

“John Forrester of Colander has worked with Grimshaw over a number of years. In that time he has helped the partners of Grimshaw to work better as a team, and be more effective as leaders. We have come to rely on John's insight and practical wisdom.” 

— Jolyon Brewis, Chief Executive, Grimshaw