Women's Career Survey

Women’s Sat Nav to Success, an organisation working to bring female talent to the fore, is conducting an interesting survey...

Evidence is there to support getting more women into top tier positions as the research says that companies with a gender mix at senior level are proven to be more profitable. Given our interest in promoting diversity around the Board Table via the Equilibrium Network https://equilibrium-network.com/ we thought that the survey by Women's Sat Nav to Success might be of interest to colleagues working in the built environment. 

The survey is open until the 8th March (International Women’s Day). Its aim is to build a picture of women in the UK by sector, career stage, age, and other salient profiling criteria to determine what employers, professional bodies and policymakers must focus on to attract, recognise, retain, support and progress female talent. 

It would be great if women creating the built environment were to take part, so that we can obtain some tangible results to help understand what is going on in our own sector.

Please see link below and encourage others to take part: