The Value of Feedback

Colander Associate, Daphne Thissen, explores why feedback is a crucial tool in building client relations....

In current business exchanges, INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY AND TRANSPARENCY are regarded as hugely important and instrumental in the building of long term working relationships.

When architects are seen to showcase these values, their clients feel appreciated and safe; safe in the knowledge that they are working with a team that wants them to succeed and gain the best possible outcome, for the given project and therefore for the overarching business.

Feedback that is gathered from any client is very valuable and enables you to set a positive tone for new relations, re-direct an existing relation or implement learning from mistakes made: invaluable intelligence that can influence your company’s ability to create enduring client relationships and to earn money.

Feedback can be gathered in a variety of ways; an online survey, a questionnaire at industry events, or a one to one interview. It is important that you find a method that suits both your company and your clients. 

Once you have identified a method, make sure the questions that are being asked are designed by your company, in other words, that they are relevant to your business and to the service your business offers your clients. 

One to one interviews are most successful when conducted by an independent party. The client feels more freedom to be truly open and honest and, as the interviewer is neutral, whatever is said will not be taken personally. 

It will be taken seriously though. 

An independent interviewer is trained in coaching and listening skills and will be able to get information from the client that goes above and beyond the list of questions your company submitted. 

Whichever method you choose, make sure you choose to get feedback! 

It is a sure way to create win/win relationships with your clients.