Next generation design!

Following its success with last year's Clerkenwell Design Pavilion, Scale Rule has been looking for GCSE students to design this year's structure....

Over the weekend of February 11th-12th Scale Rule ran a two day design workshop for GCSE students from local schools to design a pavilion that will be built as a part of Clerkenwell Design Week.  

The finale of the workshops saw seven teams of students presenting their design ideas to a panel of professionals from industry and academia. Our Director Caroline Cole was delighted to join the judging panel for this year's pavilion with Hugh Pearman, Sarah Fray and David Knight. 

It was one of the most inspirational ways to spend a Sunday afternoon!  The conceptual thinking behind each proposal was surprisingly sophisticated, addressing the brief with clarity and imagination.  Intriguingly, the quality of the presentations by the students would have put many professionals to shame.  

It was encouraging to see as many girls as boys in the teams.  The winners - from Lister Community School - were three girls who introduced themselves as 'the designer, the architect and the engineer'.  Look out for their interdisciplinary practice in 10 years time!

The next challenge for Scale Rule is to construct the winning proposals - an infinity bridge festooned with coloured ribbons - to create a scintillating and changing artwork that people can walk over and under, sit on and perform in. 

You can find more information about Scale Rule and the workshops at

The project is partly funded by The Institution of Structural Engineers, as well as Clerkenwell Design Week, AKT II and Grimshaw.