IMPACT SCOTLAND becoming a reality

Designs for the new concert venue by David Chipperfield Architects have been on public display in Edinburgh for comment and feedback....

Colander was - and still is - delighted to have helped IMPACT Scotland find the best design team for its new concert venue in the centre of Edinburgh.  So it is a real pleasure to see that the project is underway with substantial funding already secured.  

Despite the OJEU process, which is capable of drawing the pleasure out of most competitions, we really enjoyed running the competition for this client. It is always encouraging to work with a client that genuinely believes that good design will enable it to achieve its high aims and, having selected first Nagata Acoustics, led by the renown Yasu Toyota, and then a design team led by David Chipperfield Architects, IMPACT Scotland has been able to set the bar really high. 

The first design ideas that went on public display last week show a reassuring quality in the proposals that are starting to emerge. The building is being designed from the inside out, with a focus on getting a world class acoustic for the main hall as well as creating vibrant and attractive community spaces that will make it a special place for Edinburgh. 

The team is now working to create a truly exceptional building that complements its heritage setting while adding to the architectural integrity of what is already a magnificent city.    

We look forward to seeing - and hearing - the project when it is complete.

Further information about the project can be found on the IMPACT Scotland website