Ideas competition for the reuse of St Martin's Church, Brighton

We are delighted to announce this intriguing competition to find new uses for a beautiful Grade II* church....

As witnessed by the grandeur and beauty of St Martin’s Church in Brighton, church buildings were once the focus of communities across the land.  Today, the increasingly cosmopolitan and secular society in which we live mean that these buildings are used as a place of worship by only a few: many are empty for much of the time and, as they are generating only modest incomes, many are in danger of falling into disrepair.  

And yet, church buildings sit at the hearts of their communities – in Brighton alone there are over 100 churches – many of which have the potential to contribute to both social and economic prosperity through alternative or complementary uses. 

St Martin’s church, one of the largest churches in Brighton, is no exception.  

This competition invites teams to think creatively about this Grade II* church and generate innovative but commercially sustainable new uses for the buildings.  The client, The Diocese of Chichester, is seeking viable, practical, original and hugely creative ideas that can be used as the spring board for conversations with investors, by drawing attention to the opportunities that are available for this church. 

Whilst this is not a live project the competition hopes to bring forward solutions that could be implemented in the future. Therefore competitors will need to show that their ideas are viable and have the capacity to be turned into a real project.

To find out more visit the competition website