Colander courses in Leadership

Understand how leadership can be nurtured and developed in your practice...

There are many aspects to developing good leadership skills and our Associate, John Forrester has written a number of think pieces exploring this topic, which you can see in our Journal. He has also designed our training courses to help architects and designers nurture their leadership qualities.

Being a great leader involves many different skillsets, not only do you have to manage tasks and functions well but you also need to think about how your behaviour can engender trust and support from colleagues.  A good leader must be able to communicate clearly in order to execute a vision.

We offer a number of different courses that can help develop leadership skills and while these are aimed at senior people in organisations, many of the things we teach can be adapted to help more junior members of the team as well. Because leadership styles must reflect a practice's culture and ethos we believe that all training of this sort should be tailored to meet individual needs. 

John has worked with Colander for more than 10 years, applying his extensive knowledge of people management to the intricacies of the architectural and design professions.  In that time, he has fine-tuned our courses to suit the specific challenges of managing and leading creative people, incorporating cutting edge and emerging ideas as and when appropriate. 

For further information see our page on Developing People and in particular our courses on getting the best from people; or contact