British Architecture at the Venice Biennale

The British Council has launched a competition to find designers for the British Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale....

The Artistic Directors have set the theme for the 2018 Architectural Biennale: 'Freespace'.

Under this umbrella, the British Council is looking for bold and imaginative proposals for the British Pavilion: proposals that create a forum where ideas and concepts, as well as built works, are disseminated and exchanged. 

Inter-disciplinary teams comprising an architect or designer along with researchers, curators, artists, critics, a team from institutions and organisations, and other collaborators are invited to submit proposals.  

Broadly the submissions should consider:

  • How British architecture demonstrates ‘generosity and thoughtfulness’ towards its users, citizens and the public
  • How the exhibition might explore the ‘power and beauty’ of architecture and its ability to be uplifting
  • The fundamental capacity of architecture to ‘nurture and support meaningful contact’ between people and place
  • How the team might explore architecture as an expression of culture, through site, materials and landscape
  • How these ideas will be expressed and communicated to a wide audience and how they generate discussion between professionals and the public. 

Encouragingly, the Council is asking for proposals that challenge conventional exhibition formats, encourage participation and offer a new experience of contemporary British architecture.

The deadline for applications is midnight on 7 August.  Four teams will be selected to work up ideas and attend an interview.  The winning team will be expected to work collaboratively with the British Council to deliver its ideas.

To find out more visit the competition website