Theo and Oskar's new home

Award winning film company Salon is going to create a documentary of this Colander managed competition to design a new home for the Taussig family...

The Taussigs have two children, Theo and Oskar, who are both suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

They have recently bought a run down bungalow on a magical plot of land in Box Hill, Surrey and now want to create a light filled, spacious and barrier free home for the boys.  

Colander has been asked to help find a young and inspiring architect to design and deliver the Taussig's dream.  

Homes for families with children with disabilities are almost universally uninspiring and poorly designed.  Our client, Nick Taussig, is keen for this project to be an exemplar, to show that mediocrity does not have to be the norm and that a wonderful and supportive environment can be created - even on a modest budget.

Nick is a Director of the production company Salon, which specialises in exceptional film documentaries, and he has decided to create a documentary about this project.  Salon will be filming not only the competition but the building process as well.  Salon is already in discussions with potential broadcasters and the new documentary is expected to show on national TV and at film festivals across the world.

To find out more about the competition please visit our competition webpage.