Infill Housing, Peabody Trust, London

To find young architects to design one-off houses for infill sites in East London.


The competition was won by:

Niall McLaughlin Architects
Ash Sakula Architects


This competition was an open competition to young practices in the London area 80 expressions of interest were received and six teams were offered an honorarium to undertake design ideas for three infill sites in East London. Following interviews, a winner was selected for each site.

Our involvement

  • Designing the right competitive process
  • Researching and identifying potential competitors to invite
  • Helping the client reach its shortlist of invited competitors
  • Writing the competition rules
  • Writing the competition brief
  • Planning the competition timetable and budget
 to meet client requirements
  • Acting as point of contact for the competition
  • Ensuring a clear and ethical process
  • Briefing the jury panel
  • Briefing competitors
  • Managing the competitive process
  • Advising on and then managing the evaluation procedures
  • Arranging and facilitating interviews and presentations
  • Competition administration
  • Debriefing and follow up


  • This competition was limited to small, young practices in the London area.
  • The client wanted to give an opportunity to up-and-coming practices.
  • The client was looking for a new and inventive approach to designing a home.
  • The competition involved a rigorous, auditable procurement route.
  • As a result of this competition, Peabody paid Colander to run a course on putting together submission documents which was offered free of charge to all competitors. This was the precursor to our highly successful Submission Documents that Win course.